Vigrx Plus Side Effects

IMPORTANT: Learn Vigrx Plus Side Effects Before Buying

vigrx plus side effectsBefore you purchase your first Vigrx Plus, you should take some time to consider if and what are Vigrx Plus side effects.  In clinical trials, VigRX had shown amazing results in improving erection size, sexual performance and, however, you should be aware that there are some negative side effects to taking it.

Before I go ahead to list these side effects, let me clearly state that only a tiny proportion of men are likely to be affected by these negative side.  Thus, it’s recommended that you consult your doctor or a qualified medical expert before you take this male enhancement product.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Some men have confessed to feeling nauseous, and having some small amounts of diarrhea after they took Vigrx Plus pills.  These symptoms were very mild, and if you are amongst the tiny percentage of men that would experience them, do not fear as they will not last for long.  It is only your body trying to get used to the pills and after a few days, these feelings would subside leaving you to enjoy the numerous benefits of VigRX Plus.

Who is prone to this effect?: You are more susceptible to this effect if you do not drink enough water. Ensure you increase your daily water intake.

Heart Palpitations, Restlessness, and Insomnia

When you take VigRX, you may find it hard to fall asleep, experience a speeding of your heart rate, or generally feel more active.  These effects are linked with the base ingredients of VigRX Plus, which include Muira Puama and Panax Ginseng – which are known to create these types of feelings.

Who is prone to Vigrx Plus side effects : If you already have a heart problem, you are more at risk of experiencing this side effect.

Bad Allergic Reactions

One of the base ingredients of VigRX Plus is Damiana.  For the majority of men, this is perfectly safe; however, there have been a couple of isolated cases where this ingredient has caused a severe allergic reaction in the user.  This included swelling of the throat, tongue, lips and face, breathing difficulties, and even more rarely, an outbreak of hives.

Who is prone to this effect: If you are undergoing diabetes treatment, you are more at risk of being affected by this. If you are taking medications for either Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia or mania, or Parkinson’s disease you should avoid taking VigRX to prevent a clash of medications.

Mild Allergic Reactions

Some men have experienced mild allergic reactions to VigRX Plus side effects.  This includes things like a dry mouth, feeling dizzy, an itchy rash, or generally feeling sick.  This is most likely due the ingredient called Epimedium Sagittatum used in making VigRX Plus.

Who is prone to this effect: This is an effect that a lot of men are likely to experience; however, they are minor and short-term and shouldn’t be too much of a concern.  Men with heart problems are extremely vulnerable.

Muscle Spasms & Loss of Sexual Appetite

In very rare cases, the side effects of VigRX Plus is a loss of libido rather than an increase.  This is a highly rare effect, and will typically be paired up with small muscle spasms and a loss of concentration.

Who is prone to this effect: Anybody who takes Vigrx Plus is venerable to this; however these effects have not been reported on a large scale, there have only been a couple of cases so far. The possibility of it happening to you is incredibly tiny.

Conclusion on VigRX Plus Side Effects

All of VigRX Plus side effects detailed on this page are extremely unlikely and affects only a small proportion of men who take the tablets. If you are healthy and not on any serious medications, you should have no problems.  However, it is recommended that you consult a medical professional before taking any male enhancement pill. Please visit this VigRx Plus FAQ website, if you need more info.

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