VigRX Plus vs Vimax Pills

About Vigrx Plus & Vimax Pills

It is without a doubt that the VigRx and the Vimax pills are the most popular male enhancement pills available in the market today, and their effectiveness in improving the sex lives of many is an open secret.

Very little differences exist between these two world renowned supplements. Other than a slight variation in their ingredients, they virtually compare in most of the things. Considering the ingredients, the top ingredients of vimax pills are ginkgo biloba leaf powder, saw palmetto, ginseng, and oat saw extracts. VigRx Plus, on the other hand, has the following as its top ingredients: bioperene, tribulusterrestis, and damiana leaf extracts.

The performance of the two are generally satisfactory and they are both effective in maximizing the erection size, enhance sexual performance and endurance, increasing the girth, stopping premature ejaculation, and increasing sexual virility.

Both products have money back guarantee polices but with a difference in the policy periods. For instance, VigRx Plus allows up to 67days for the refund but Vimax only allows a 60 day refund period.

The other difference comes in their pricing. VigRx Plus is slightly expensive than the Vimax pills but this is not an issue of concern as far as quality and performance are concerned. With all the striking similarities, it becomes difficult and actually pointless to say that one is better than the other.

The important thing to remember is that they should be taken following a prescription by a doctor otherwise their use tantamount to abuse.